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    Essential items for an E&E/survival kit

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    Essential items for an E&E/survival kit Empty Essential items for an E&E/survival kit

    Post by malinkyhoy Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:23 am

    So I was thinking of stashing a vest I use for canoeing/portaging with all my survival neccessities. Here is a list of what I'd take with me. What would the rest of you do it has to to fit in a vest about the size of a PLCE assault vest and say a 1.5ltr rucksack (leftover space in a camelbak).

    Fishing kit.
    Sewing kit (cos you never know).
    Fire Steel.
    Waterproof matches all in a tin together.

    Hammock, tarp, pegs.
    Machete? (Cos I can).
    Head torch (I also have a cool old emergency lifeboat light which is a orange container with to hold a DD battery with a light bulb attached to the end of a wire).
    Compass and map.
    Clockwork Radio.
    Mess tin.
    Para cord.
    First Aid Kit.
    Water purifier.
    Spare pants (in case I meet a bird).
    Condoms for water (and in case I meet a bird).
    3ltr bladder with water in it.
    A spare MRE (in case I can't catch food). I actually like MRE's but prefer the old tinned rat packs. F'ing loved that tinned cheese.
    Immodium (in case I don't want to crap myself).

    Spare Socks.
    Spare Shirt.
    Spare trousers (lightweights).

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