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    NSN (National Stock Number)


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    NSN (National Stock Number) Empty NSN (National Stock Number)

    Post by P-E Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:54 pm

    What's a National Stock Number ?

    It's simply the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. It is a unique item identifying series of numbers. When a NSN is assigned to an item of supply, data is assembled to describe the item. Some data elements include information such as an item name, manufacturer's part number, unit price, and physical and performance characteristics. NSNs are an essential part of the military's logistics supply chain used in managing, moving, storing, and disposing of material.

    --> The use of NSNs facilitates standardization and cataloging.

    The NSN is officially recognized by the United States government, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and many governments around the world.

    Why do items need a NSN ?

    Experience in World War II showed that it was unworkable for each service to have its own part numbering system. That made it difficult for the military services to locate supplies and, in most cases, impossible to share items of supply.

    --> It is important to establish a common name and description for a single item of supply, a common language of supply was needed to manage the growing complexity.

    As part of the post-war reorganization that created the Department of Defense (DoD), in July of 1947, the Army-Navy Munitions Board established the Cataloging Agency to manage a single DoD resource called the Joint Army-Navy Catalog System. In 1949, the Federal Stock Number (FSN) system was established with an eleven digit number and the first FSN was assigned. On 1 July 1952, the Defense Cataloging and Standardization Act mandated a single catalog system for DoD. In 1958, the Armed Forces Supply Support Center (AFSSC) was established in Washington, DC, to maintain the Federal Catalog System and standardize item names used by the military services. When the Defense Supply Agency was created on 1 January 1962, the AFSSC was renamed the Defense Logistics Service Center, becoming the central control point for the Federal Catalog System. The Defense Logistics Service Center was later renamed the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).

    A major upgrade to the catalog system occurred in 1975 with the implementation of the Defense Integrated Data System. The main change was the expansion of the eleven digit FSN to the thirteen digit National Stock Number (NSN), by adding a two digit NATO country code (see below).

    A NSN is formatted to convey specific informations about the item of supply. The NSN is a 13-digit code.

    Example : 8415-01-327-5308 (DCU jacket, size medium regular)

    84XX-XX-XXX-XXXX = Federal Supply Group (FSG)
    8415-XX-XXX-XXXX = Federal Supply Class (FSC).
    XXXX-01-XXX-XXXX = Country of origin (NATO code). Numbers 00 or 01 are only for United States items (Japan #30, Saudi Arabia is #70, the UK is #99, Australia is #66,...)
    XXXX-XX-327-5308 = unique number with caracteristics of item (camouflage, size,...)

    84XX = Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia (group)
    8415 = "Clothing, Special purpose" (class) :

    "This class includes conventional winter, summer, and intermediate flight clothing ensembles and their components. Excluded from this class are specialized antiexposure, antigravity, partial pressure, and full pressure, flight ensembles and their specialized components.

    This class includes : Special Purpose Headwear, including Helmets, except Ballistic Protective; Safety and Protective Clothing; Athletic Clothing; Safety, Combat, Protective, and Work Gloves; Submarine Deck Exposure Clothing; Flight Clothing Components designed for use with both Specialized and Conventional Ensembles.

    This class excludes : Sporting and Athletic Gloves; Athletic Footwear; Safety Footwear; Personal Armor; Special Hospital and Surgical Clothing. Excludes special purpose clothing wherein the primary purpose is ballistic resistant protection. This class will include common use components of both ballistic and conventional end items".

    See the full list of federal supply classes here : http://8415.iso-group.com/Information/FSC/

    Sources :


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    NSN (National Stock Number) Empty Re: NSN (National Stock Number)

    Post by Misanthropic_Gods Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:51 pm

    Remember it is also known as a NATO Stock Number outside the US

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    NSN (National Stock Number) Empty Re: NSN (National Stock Number)

    Post by P-E Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:18 am

    XXXX-01-XXX-XXXX = Country of origin.

    00 = United States
    01 = United States
    02 = United States
    03 = United States
    12 = Germany
    13 = Belgium
    14 = France
    15 = Italy
    16 = Czech Rep.
    17 = Netherlands
    18 = South Africa
    19 = Brazil
    20 = Canada
    21 = Canada
    22 = Denmark
    23 = Greece
    24 = Iceland
    25 = Norway
    26 = Portugal
    27 = Turkey
    28 = Luxembourg
    29 = Argentina
    30 = Japan
    31 = Israel
    32 = Singapore
    33 = Spain
    34 = Malaysia
    35 = Thailand
    36 = Egypt
    37 = Republic of Korea
    38 = Estonia
    39 = Romania
    40 = Slovakia
    41 = Austria
    42 = Slovenia
    43 = Poland
    45 = Indonesia
    46 = Philippines
    47 = Lithuania
    48 = Fiji
    49 = Tonga
    50 = Bulgaria
    51 = Hungary
    52 = Chile
    53 = Croatia
    54 = Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia
    55 = Latvia
    56 = Oman
    57 = Russia
    58 = Finland
    59 = Albania
    60 = Kuwait
    61 = Ukraine
    63 = Morocco
    64 = Sweden
    65 = Papua New Guinea
    66 = Australia
    70 = Saudi Arabia
    71 = UAE
    73 = Serbia
    74 = Pakistan
    75 = Bosnia and Herzegovina
    98 = New Zealand
    99 = UK

    This will permit you to ID the country of origin of your military equipment that has a NATO code

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    NSN (National Stock Number) Empty Re: NSN (National Stock Number)

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