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    Desert Tan Helmet

    Sergeant Class II
    Sergeant Class II

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    Desert Tan Helmet Empty Desert Tan Helmet

    Post by bryanbg Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:59 pm

    I picked this up a few days ago at a flea market.

    Steel pot, with a crack on the back, painted in and out in desert tan/sand color.  Cloth chin strap.

    Is this Iraqi or Saudi - or from somewhere else?

    Thanks -


    Desert Tan Helmet 20180416

    Desert Tan Helmet 20180415

    Desert Tan Helmet 20180417
    Cap Camouflage Pattern I
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    Staff Sergeant Class I

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    Desert Tan Helmet Empty Re: Desert Tan Helmet

    Post by Cap Camouflage Pattern I Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:30 pm

    The Saudis did use tan M1 clones made in Taiwan. But the paint on this is more yellow than any of those that I have seen. The Iranians used M1 style helmets, but they usually attached leather headband liners directly to the shell with rivets. So I don't know but it is cool. I'm fairly certain the chinstrap is a Chicom chest rig strap, the weave, width of the strap, and the metal D-rings on it look like the ones on the Chicom chest rigs. Not quite the same thing but I have an Iraqi M90 helmet with an improvised like this chinstrap made from a T-shirt collar.

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