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    Post by hardflip Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:02 pm

    Late night browsing the eBay and I found this piece and got it really cheap. I have absolutely no idea about these uniforms so I thought that I will share it with forums members.

    Thoughts guys?

    Afghanistan ANA ERDL(?) BDU jacket.

    ANA BDU Pw3kf

    Here are the additional pictures.
    ANA BDU IAf9Ele5C.thANA BDU K0E9x.th ANA BDU NgXAeGiv.th ANA BDU 69DIZlQ.th ANA BDU RK3b1F6.th ANA BDU CWH8d4sKh.th ANA BDU Is9k01O3.th ANA BDU LswWUI2K.th ANA BDU I6HcRNZ3v.th ANA BDU ZZMN5hCFY9.th ANA BDU FB9kW.th ANA BDU MZFm7cs.th ANA BDU PlrOEyM.th

    The size seems to be Large and there is clear marks that on top of the pockets patches have been removed. Threads are still there. Same goes with the collar (rank? branch?) insignia. The only patch that is there is the Afghanistan flag patch on left sleeve. And it seems to be hand sewn. But what troubles me is that the patch doesnt really show wear/tear. And it is like starched piece, doesnt bend that much to be honest.

    On the sides there are velcro to make a bit slimmer fit for the jacket. The jacket itself is in good condition and tear is not that much wear and tear but it is clearly used.

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