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    Shadow Box for velcro patches


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    Shadow Box for velcro patches Empty Shadow Box for velcro patches

    Post by Mercenary25 Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:15 pm

    I went to Target and bought this simple shadow box for less than $15 then went to fabric store to buy the industrial 2" thick velcro with sticky backing.

    I glued the velcro on the backing of shadow box, (I found out that sticky won't stick too well on the backing material of shadowbox). Allowed it to dry then just slap on my Iraqi patches with velcro and I'm done. The simple, easy, yet, professional looking display.

    When you buy a velcro, you will get both hook and loop strips. The hook strips would be useless but I cut the small pieces of it to attach them on back of patches (ones without velcro). It doesn't stick too well with fabric so it can be removed when you wish to.

    Shadow Box for velcro patches Imag0410

    Shadow Box for velcro patches Imag0411

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    Shadow Box for velcro patches Empty Re: Shadow Box for velcro patches

    Post by P-E Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:03 pm

    Realy nice !

    This is a real pain to show patches in a frame...I tried many time, and I was never satisfied by the result because many insignia don't stay in place and fall. I tried to pins them propertly, I also tried to add small squares of englued velcro. And finaly, i also tried to crush them between the glass and the bottom of the frame. No success...

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