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    Iraqi Made 60mm Mortar Metal SN# Plate

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    Iraqi Made 60mm Mortar Metal SN# Plate Empty Iraqi Made 60mm Mortar Metal SN# Plate

    Post by Iraqi Militaria Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:26 pm

    Iraqi Made 60mm Mortar Metal SN# Plate A110

    Hello everyone how are you all doing; this last week I went half on a collection with a good friend of mine. With that I was able to score this metal plate, for a 60mm mortar. I do the half thing because you never want to go against a fellow collector friend you might find yourself paying hundreds more then you wanted to spend.

    Well to make a long story short I had noticed he was bidding on the same lot so I asked him what the pieces he wanted from the lot were. He told me he just wanted the Saddam Hussein Posters. With that said we decided to go half and that he would do the bidding. Well it worked out well I was able to get this metal plate and a few Saddam Hussein Palace pieces for $150.00

    The metal plate reads 60mm Made in Iraq Al Qadassiya Facility S.N.

    Thank you for viewing


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