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    Like the new E-1/E-6 service uniform, the new Navy Working Uniform or NWU is the latest working uniform to be introduced by the United States Navy. The Navy underwent a comprehensive review of every uniform, and decided that the NWU will replace the Utility Uniform, Working Khaki Uniform, Winter Working Blue Uniform, Aviation Working Green Uniform, and all Tropical Working Uniforms.

    Based on the U.S. Marine Corps MARPAT combat utility uniform, with multiple pockets on the shirt and trousers, it uses a multi-color digital print pattern similar to those introduced by other services. However, the NWU will also be made in three variants:[citation needed] predominately blue, with some gray, for the majority of sailors and shipboard use; and a woodland digital pattern and a desert digital pattern for Sailors serving in units requiring those types of uniforms. Woodland and desert variants may be tailored differently than the blue-pattern uniform.

    The overall blue color reflects the Navy's heritage and connection to seaborne operations. While not intended to disguise the wearer, the color pattern was chosen in part to harmonize with U.S. Navy ship colors and avoid presenting an obvious target when working aboard a vessel in port susceptible to infiltration by hostile forces. The pixelated pattern is also used to hide wear and stains, something unavoidable with the utilities and working khakis currently in use. The colors were also chosen to match the most commonly used paint colors aboard ship, extending the lifetime of the uniform on long deployments where uniforms often come into contact with freshly painted surfaces.

    The uniform is primarily composed of a 50/50 nylon and cotton blend, which eliminates the need for a "starch and press" appearance and reduces the possibility of snags and tears from sharp objects (thus making the garment last longer). Accessories include a navy blue cotton t-shirt, an eight-point cover (similar to that worn by the United States Marines), and a black web belt with closed buckle. All-weather garments will include a unisex pullover sweater, a fleece jacket, and a parka, all of which will be available in matching camouflage patterns.

    The uniform is worn with rank insignia on both collar points and on the front panel of the 8-sided camouflage cover, with sew-on name and "U.S. NAVY" tapes, also on the new digital background pattern, having gold-colored lettering for officers and CPOs and silver-colored lettering for all lower ranks. An embroidered Anchor, USS Constitution, and Eagle (ACE) is on the left breast pocket on all NWU uniforms.

    Black safety boots, identical to those worn by United States Coast Guard personnel with their new Operational Dress Uniform, are worn with the new NWUs. Boots will come in two versions: black smooth leather boots, with black suede no-shine boots for optional wear while assigned to non-shipboard commands.

    Like the previous Working uniforms, the new NWU uniform was designed to allow personnel to stay warm and dry in inclement weather, thus they were designed to be slightly larger for the wearing of sweaters underneath, along with meeting shipboard fire safety standards. The NWU uniform, unlike its predecessors, were also designed to be longer lasting, and does not need to be ironed like previous uniforms. The digital pattern also has the same infrared readback patterns like that of the MARPAT uniform, allowing personnel using infrared equipment to easily identify Naval personnel. The uniform also has more pockets than its predecessors, with four on the shirt and six on the trousers. The NWU uniforms are currently in production and were phased in January 2009.

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