Maj. Gen. Michael Ward

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    Maj. Gen. Michael Ward

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    Major-General Mike Ward enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1975 as an infantryman in the Governor General's Foot Guards in Ottawa.

    He was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps in 1980 and has commanded armour soldiers at the troop level in the Royal Canadian Dragoons, and at the squadron and regimental level in the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) in Lahr Germany, Cyprus, Petawawa ON and Moncton NB. In 1999 Colonel Ward commanded the Canadian Contingent of the Kosovo Force. He assumed command of the Combat Training Centre in July 2001. He was promoted to Brigadier-General in July 2004 and assumed command of the Canadian Army's Land Force Doctrine and Training System. Major-General Ward held the appointments COS J3 and CEFCOM COS Ops from July 2005 to June 2006. In June 2006 he was appointed Chief of Force Development.

    His Staff appointments include: Staff Officer to the Chief of Review Services, G1 1st Canadian Division Headquarters and Director Land Strategic Concepts. He has served as an instructor at the Armour School and Directing Staff at the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College.Major-General Ward is a graduate of the UK All Arms Tactics Course (1991); and the US Army's Command and General Staff College (1994), Tactical Command and Battle Command Development Courses (1995).

    He has a BA (Hon) in Economics and Commerce from the Royal Military College (1980) and a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University (1994). He became a World Fellow at Yale University in 2003.

    Major-General Ward is the Patron for Canadian Forces Running and Canadian Chef de Mission for Conseil Internationale de Sport Militaire Cross Country Running. He is also an avid skier, sailor and multi sport (triathlon) enthusiast, and amuses himself in his spare time by playing the bagpipes.

    From The Canadian Forces Running Team


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