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    Leominister Police K-9

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    Leominister Police K-9 Empty Leominister Police K-9

    Post by BM Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:39 am

    Does anyone have any information on this badge (patch)?
    I did a Google Search and could only come up with the town of
    Leominister, Massachusetts and their city patch has 1915 on it.
    They also have a K-9 unit but what does it have to do with Iraq?
    The Arabic on top says "Directorate of Police Dogs".
    Thanks in advance.
    Leominister Police K-9 Leomin10

    The second picture is of the same patch on the left but different style from 2015 in the market in Baghdad..
    Leominister Police K-9 Leomin11

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