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    "Battle Axe"

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    "Battle Axe" Empty "Battle Axe"

    Post by bryanbg Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:21 am

    Posting this item in this section might be a bit of a stretch, but what the hell.

    On a clearing operation in western Baghdad in '06 I found this old axe in what was supposed to be an abandoned residence.  Along with it we also found several cordless phone items (commonly used for triggering IEDs).

    Without thinking about it, I tucked the axe in my body armor and continued searching.

    We wrapped up the mission a couple hours later and a buddy snapped a photo of me.  When we returned to base I realized that I still had the axe tucked into my kit.  I think it sort of made for a cool photo.

    The axe now sits on a shelf in my "man cave" at home.

    "Battle Axe" <a href="Battle Axe" CapturedIraqiAxe" />

    This is the shot my buddy took of me:

    "Battle Axe" <a href="Battle Axe" 2006-BryaninSoutheastBaghdad" />

    A close-up of the cool axe:

    "Battle Axe" <a href="Battle Axe" 2006-BryaninSoutheastBaghdadCloseUp" />
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    "Battle Axe" Empty Re: "Battle Axe"

    Post by hardflip Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:42 am

    Nice one! Surprised
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    Sergeant Class II

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    "Battle Axe" Empty Re: "Battle Axe"

    Post by msmith275 Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:49 pm

    How do you NOT like a combat hatchet!?! In that cultural context, walking around the streets with that would probably be a good pickpocket deterrent as well.

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    "Battle Axe" Empty Re: "Battle Axe"

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