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    HBIED - C Btry 2/8 FA


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    HBIED - C Btry 2/8 FA  Empty HBIED - C Btry 2/8 FA

    Post by RedLegGI Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:45 pm

    On November 9th 2008 three of Rock battery's soldiers were caught by a HBIED and sustained severe injuries.   All three survived luckily but have lost limb, eyesight and various other associated issues.  When our guys were hit they did not call a TIC (troops in contact) which prevented the USAF from leveling the building quickly.  It took around 4 days, but finally the permission came down the the building was leveled.


    HBIED - C Btry 2/8 FA  Picture1_zpsbf90503a

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