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    Desert Temper Tent


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    Desert Temper Tent Empty Desert Temper Tent

    Post by Mercenary25 Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:35 pm

    Usually, there are some collectors who would go to events to create an exhibit using their own personal collection. In this case, I've seen it being done many times, in the air show, few Air Force/Air corps collectors actually set up exhibits in one of hangar. Some museums had events so they invited collectors as well. So it just occurred to me that 80% of times collectors have to set up exhibits outside under the hot and sunny day. WWII or Vietnam era collectors always have proper time-period tents. Sometimes budget collectors would simply use improvised tarp shelter (looks terrible).

    So I wonder, how can OEF/OIF collectors create an exhibit and atompshere of soldiers living in the desert, at same time, our collection is sheltered safely away from the unpredictable weather?

    I found an answer but quite expensive!

    Desert Temper Tent WARRIOR%20TENTS%202

    Desert Temper Tent WARRIOR%20TENTS%205


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    Desert Temper Tent Empty Re: Desert Temper Tent

    Post by P-E Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:15 pm

    Guy, that's my dream to have enough money and place to reconstruct a small military camp to make a exhibit...But I have no money, and no place Crying or Very sad

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