Manuel Noriega biography book? Op Just Cause

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    Manuel Noriega biography book? Op Just Cause

    Post by kan on Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:03 pm

    While cleaning up some moving stuff today I came across this book. Some years ago a friend of my dad's gave this book to me and told me one of his friends was one of the rangers who took part in Op Just Cause. So the story goes the ranger grabbed stuff from Noriega's office for intel gathering or as a souvenir, the story was iffy. I was told that Noriega enjoyed reading biographies about himself and the like. Inside it looks like notes have been taken, and a few slips of paper are stuck inside with more notes written on them.

    I'm not a pre OIF/OEF collector by any means, however I did accept the gift. My question is, does anyone here know anything to substantiate the story, or can anyone read spanish to translate the stuff written?

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